Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What is SIYB?


SIYB means Start and Improve Your Business. This is a modular base training programme designed and developed by International Labour Office (ILO). The SIYB Association of Sri Lanka is the authorized representative of ILO Geneva Office in Sri Lanka

Q? If I am an entrepreneur what SIYB offers for me?


SIYB Association of Sri Lanka together with its Partner Organizations offers GYB, SYB, and IYB training for potential and existing entrepreneurs. You can call SIYB Sri Lanka Office or  any of our Partner Organizations to obtain more details of these training as per your convenient. We do provide our training in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages in any part of the country. In addition to those module based training, some of our partner organizations are providing wide range of other business development services together with micro credit facilities.  

Q? Can I become a SIYB Trainer?


If you are an existing trainer or a Facilitator with the keen interest to be a SIYB Trainer then you can apply. Once you completed the SIYB training of trainers seminar, you have to organize and conduct minimum number of GYB, SYB and IYB training programs for the entrepreneurs in order to qualify to be certified as competent SIYB trainer.

Q? If I am a Potential Entrepreneur how can SIYB help me?


Of course SIYB helps you to Generate Your Business Idea (GYB) first and then to Start Your Business (SYB). In addition to those training, some of our our partner organizations are providing wide range of other business development services, credit and other financial services. Or else they will direct you for other organizations for your other business requirements as per the request and the requirement.

Q? Do I have to pay for this training and for manuals?


Yes as any other valuable service, you have to pay for those training manuals and training programmes. Click here to see the price list of manuals. Cost of training programmes depends on several factors. Some times some projects and organizations are sponsoring for micro and small entrepreneurs. Therefore to know the cost of SIYB training programmes, you have to contact SIYB Association of Sri Lanka Office or any of our Partner Organizations.

By clicking this, you can obtain more answers for your questions directly from the ILO official web site.

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