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Friday, 17 November 2017 10:16

During From 15th October to 15th November 2017 Following POs Have Conducted 20 Training of Entrepreneurs Programmes for Business Start- up and Omprovements 414 Clients.  

  • World Vision Lanka -  09 Programme for 193 client
  • DIDEP - CP            -  04 Programme for 80 client
  • IDB                       -  06 Programme for 125 client
  • YGRO                    -  01 Programme for 16 client

Excellent trainer

Do you think you can be?? ?

o Can generate open discussion                  o Can read the mood of the participants

o Adjustable to different situations              o Flexible Time Management either long time or short time

o Use all tools                                           o Ask open ended questions

o Lively                                                    o Knowledge of the subject matter

o Spontaneous                                          o Patient o Use marker pens

o Can hold the participants                         o Proper sitting arrangements everybody can see each other

o Clear voice o Never get angry                  o Courage to face questions

o Never react                                            o Can take quick decisions

o No personal remarks                               o Use different methods

o Never leave the session in progress          o Maintain eye contact

o Move with the pace of the trainees           o Don’t show off

Do you think you can put people in this situation?

Yes!!!!…… you can!!!!………………..

What method good for adults training?

Conventional                                           Participatory

Trainer centered                                      Trainee centered

Formal                                                    Informal

One way                                                 Multi directional

Rigid- already decided                              Flexible – as per need

One method                                            Different methods

Restrictions                                             Flexible

Less motivation                                       Motivated to ask questions and questions are welcome

Knowledge with the trainer                       Trainee also have knowledge

Conventional Type Training:

 Controlled by trainer, Trainer knows everything,

 Trainees- Don’t know anything,

 Trainee- Inactive,

 Trainee - only at receiving end


Participatory type training:

 Participatory Training is based on the principles of Adult Learning.

 In participatory training: Existing knowledge is given importance

 New information/Knowledge is built on the already existing knowledge

 Trainees themselves are responsible for their own learning- Trainer’s responsibility is to develop a sense of responsibility



World Vision Sri Lanka


Freelance Consultant MDP (Reading); PGD-Agric Econ; B. Sc. Agric. (Sp) Hons; CMCE - CMI (UK); MIM (SL); SIYB Master Trainer. Specialized in Trilingual Development Process Facilitation, Researcher for National Integrity through Economic and Livelihood Development, Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development, Disability and Development 


Business Consultant, Freelance Trainer. Chair Person of the Rural Small Business Counseling Association (RSBC). SIYB Trainer, Business Edge Trainer, CEFE Trainer, CEFE Business Counselor and Integrated Farm Developer.


Deputy Director ,Industrial Development Board Of Ceylon Bsc,HNDE  


Economic and Agriculture Development Specialist World Vision Lanka, SIYB Master Trainer, Diploma in Agriculture, Master of Project Management


Development Facilitator World Vision Lanka Master of Leadership Development, Bachelor of Learning for Transformation Development Studies Trainer- SIYB , LfT, PMD Pro level 1&2 Freelance –Creative Writer/Visual Director

Managing Director of Grip (Guarantee) limited B.A Management Diploma, Rural Development Diploma,SIYBTrainer Specialized in Social Mobilization, Development and Micro finance  

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