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Tuesday, 16 October 2018 00:00

SIYB Global updates 

Master Trainer Competency Reinforcement Workshop 2018

Master Trainers are the key pillars of SIYB programme to maintain the technical sustainability while maintaining the global standards of the SIYB methodology. Hence it is vital to reinforce the competency level of Master Trainers through enhancing their knowledge, skills and capacities. While continuing this best practice SIYB Association well organized and conducted another Master Trainer Competency Reinforcement Workshop from 6th to 7th July 2018 at Hotel Dampe Village- Piliyandala successfully. Following topics were covered during the workshop.

 How to standardize and maintain the sequence of facilitating Business Gam Modules I, II, and III

 Introduction to the principles of Value Chain Development

 How to develop advance power point slide

 How can digital and social media be customized for Micro and Small enterprises

There were 25 Master Trainers who attended and completed the workshop successfully and SIYB Association of Sri Lanka would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to Master Trainers who devoted their contribution to make the workshop success. SIYB Association of Sri Lanka is committed to continue this kind of Competency Reinforcement Workshop to maintain the Technical Sustainability of the SIYB programme

Plantation as a commercial business started in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) under British government, in the 19th century. Initially coffee was grown and later converted to Tea plantations. For many decades Tea, Rubber and Coconut had been the major exports in Sri Lanka. Initially there was a labor shortage in the plantation sector and British rulers, brought laborers from India to work in Tea plantations. Since these workers were settled in plantations, they became a new community segment in the society. As this community was deprived of access to decent work outside estates, their living standards were/are very poor in every aspect. Lack of proper education and lack of skills have been major factors preventing them to access decent work. Therefore SIYB association in collaboration with ILO and Planation Human Resource Development Trust (PHDT), implemented project to provided skills to youths in the plantation sector, which will enable them to secure decent work. Five estates from Kegalle district and two estates from Ratnapura districts were included in the program. This program was funded by ILO. Program started with Training Need Assessment (TNA), which consisted of two stages. Interviews held with prospective trainees and Rapid assessment session (Discussion) with PHDT staff and estate staff. Based on the result of the TNA a series of activities implemented.

Name of the Program                No of Workshops        No of Trainees

Training Need Assessment                     7                          244

Soft Skills Training                                7                          177

VT training (Beauty Culture)                  4                            76

VT Training (House Wiring)                   4                            75

WTB                                                   4                            93

FGB                                                    4                            92

FSB                                                    4                            97


SIYB Newsletter 2018 Volume 1

Performance of POs

Thursday, 11 January 2018 10:13

During From 1st November  to 1st January 2018 Following POs Have Conducted 36 Training of Entrepreneurs Programmes for Business Start- up and Omprovements 675 Clients.  

  • World Vision Lanka -  27 Programme for 506 client
  • DIDEP - CP            -  04 Programme for  74 client
  • IDB                       -  02 Programme for  40 client
  • YGRO                    -  02 Programme for  43 client
  • Free Lance             -  01 Programme for  12 client

SIYB Training of Trainers Programmes – Green Training Center - Tholangamuwa 2017



SIYB Association of Sri Lanka in collaboration with Industrial Development Board of Ceylon successfully conducted a SIYB Training of Trainers Seminar for 15 Industrial Promotion Managers of the IDB. TOT was conducted from 4th to 13th December at Green Training Center in Tholangamuwa. TOT was facilitated by Master Trainers Mr. Indrasiri Weganthalawatta, Mr. Mohan Thilakasiri, Mr. Harendra Upul Rathnayake, Mr. Gemunu Wijesena, Mr. Ilangakoon. Mr. Chandana Ranasinghe, Mr. Hilmy Ishak and Mr. T. Sivabalan. SIYB Association of Sri Lanka would like to welcome new SIYB Potential Trainers to the SIYB Family and wishes to expand its services to more industries in the country through the support of IDB.

Two SIYB Training of Trainers Programmes – NAQDA Training center in Kalawewa 2017

Two TOTs (in Sinhalese & Tamil mediums) for Department of Manpower and Employment (DOME) on 10th December at NAQDA Training center in Kalawewa


SIYB Association of Sri Lanka in collaboration with Department of Manpower and Employment (DOME) successfully conducted two SIYB TOTs in Sinhalese and Tamil medium for 32 Development Officers attached to the DOME. TOT was held from 10th to 22nd December at NAQDA Training center in Kalawewa- Anuradhapura. SIYB Association of Sri Lanka would like to welcome these new potential SIYB Trainers to the SIYB Family and look forward to working with the Department of Manpower closely to cater an effective service to the unemployed youths of the country by creating quality employment opportunities.


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