Industrial Development Board of Ceylon

Industrial Development Board of Ceylon (IDB) has been established by the government Act No. 36, 1969.  It functions under the Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development. In terms of this Act the IDB is the Prime State Organization entrusted with the responsibility of development to the Industrial Sector. Throughout last 40 years IDB has catered mainly to the Enterprises, individuals and institutions of the industrial sector of Sri Lanka. The IDB consists more than fifty operational units around the country including a dedicated network of regional and district offices covering each district. In fact, it is the only such organization within the private and government sectors of the country.  Our services include,

  • Identification of business opportunities
  • Quality & productivity improvement
  • Project feasibility studies & reports
  • Management
  • Development and Consultancy
  • Business Information and linkages
  • Product Development
  • Innovation & new technologies
  • Market development and promotion
  • Business counseling & Extension
  • Technology development & assistance
  • Engineering workshop and foundry facilities
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Engineering services
  • Entrepreneurship development training and Provision of product specific raw materials

IDB consists of nine divisions through which all its activities are streamlined. They are:

Functional Divisions: Technical Services Division, Regional Development Division, Engineering Services Division, Marketing Division, Industrial Estate Division, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development & Consultancy Services. Operational Divisions: Administration Division, Finance Division, Planning Division

Contact Person


Mr. Udayasri Kariyawasam - Chairman

Industrial Development Board of Ceylon


Office Address

 No. 615, Galle Road, Katubedda, Moratuwa



 +94 011 2607175 / 2605887



 +94 011 2607002


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