The SIYB program has originated in a training package called “Look After Your Firm” that was developed in the 1970s by the Swedish Employers´ Federation.

The Start Your Business training module was developed in 1993 to impart the knowledge on new business planning for new entrepreneurs. 

The SIYB project activities, the SIYB Association of Sri Lanka was formed in end 2003 with the membership of SIYB partner organizations, Master Trainers and the SIYB Trainers.

The SIYB Association of Sri Lanka took over the project activities from June 2005 and continuing the SIYB program promotion, implementation and monitoring activities in the country.

SIYB Association of Sri Lanka received the copy right for the SIYB training manuals from the ILO Geneva head office and hence we are the authorized representative of the SIYB global office in Geneva.

As at 31st March 2012 there are 25 SIYB implementing (partner) organizations which include government, private and NGO sector business training providers, 19 SIYB Master Trainers and 377 SIYB Trainers.


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