Sri Lanka Business Development Center

Sri Lanka Business Development Centre (SLBDC) - Vision is To be a professionally and effectively managed Centre of excellence providing services for enterprise, business, industry and commerce in the areas of enterprise promotion, human resource development and consultancies. Mission: To  provide  a  comprehensive  package  of  high  quality  professional  services  in  Human Resources, Enterprise Development and General Consultancy including Business Information at affordable prices to Private  Enterprises,  NGOs,  Development  Organizations and Individuals with a view to improving economic performance and promoting sustainable development in  an enterprising society in Sri Lanka, through a committed, qualified, well trained and motivated professional team.

Services Provided by SLBDC:


  • Outward Bound Professional Development Training Program

  • Micro Finance Capacity Building Programs (all aspects)
  • Training Needs Assessment - to study the Human Resource Capacity of an Organization and Scientifically Assess Skill Gaps and the specific Training Needs Required,

  • Supervisory Management, Management Development Training Programs for Different Target Groups of Divers Sectors

  • General Management Consultancy including Corporate Planning and Strategic Planning

SLBDC designs, executes and analyses the findings of diverse types of surveys and undertakes broad macro level policy studies as well as more detailed micro level analysis of issues relevant to business and industry.

Contact Person


Mr. Suwarna Ranathunga -  Chief Operating Officer (077 3149411)

Sri Lanka Business Development Center (SLBDC)


Office Address

 Sayuru Sevana, Level 2, North Wing, No. 46/12, Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 02.



 +94 011 2434952, 2437684



 +94 011 2541170


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